How to join our cooperative house
Here at Mackenzie Heights Collective, we are committed to creating a harmonius sense of community. We share amazing dinners together, and those of us who live here do our best to enhance each others lives through our daily living experiences. As well, we often bring members of our extended community into the house as dinner guests, party guests, and for special events. The Mackenzie Heights Collective community extends to many people who have touched our lives as past housemates, or simply as regular visitors to our home.

When we have an opening available in our house, we are very careful to select a new housemate who shares our values, and fits well into the culture of our home. During this process, we will initially interview prospective housemates on the phone to establish if there is good potential for that person to join our cooperative. This phone interview can last about 30 minutes. If you are thinking of joining us, please give some thought to what you are ideally seeking in your living situation before calling us. We know that this is an amazing place to live, and we want to ensure that it would be amazing for you before we invite you to visit us in person. We expect people who join our collective to contribute to the running of our household, and enjoy their experience here.

You can apply to live at the Mackenzie Heights Collective

Our back porch

Current Status

We are looking for a housemate for April or May 2018. See this ad: