The MacKenzie Heights Collective has been a cooperative household for over 40 years in Vancouver, BC. We share vegetarian meals, social gatherings, environmental consciousness, ideas and laughter. This is a special place to live, and enriches the lives of those that live here.

We buy our groceries primarily from local organic suppliers. Each member of the community cooks one vegetarian dinner per week, and we share 3 dinners per week (with most of here at each dinner).

Mackenzie Heights Collective has been the host for many community gatherings from book club meetings, intentional community study group gatherings to incredible Halloween parties, and Thanksgiving potlucks.

We have more composters per capita than any place that we know of, and gargoyles abound in our yard. This is a home where you can hear live classical music and smell fresh bread baking from the kitchen. We have a wildlife tree in our backyard that features a posted list of the many varieties of bird life that we have counted here in our natural habitat. Our wild yard is a bit of nature retreat in the big city. Our large, character home has hardwood floors, a fireplace, big trees, gardens and a great view of the mountains and the city.

King Edward House was established as a shared co-op house in the mid-1970's, and has been operating under the same basic priniciples for over 30 years.




Mackenzke Heights Collective was featured in a June 2010 documentary on the Radio Netherlands program, Earth Beat - entitled Shared Spaces. That documentary can be heard at:

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